She remembers absolutely nothing about it, but retired garage boss Ann Neal knows Wiltshire Air Ambulance helped save her life by whisking her to hospital for emergency surgery.

Now Mrs Neal, 58, who collapsed after a brain haemorrhage at her home in Sherston last year, has officially thanked the service during a visit to its headquarters in Devizes.

She also met flight paramedic Ross Culligan who examined her unconscious body before going with her to Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital for treatment.

“It was a nice surprise to meet Ross and to personally thank him, although I don’t remember meeting him before,” she said.

Mrs Neal was among a group from the Malmesbury League of Friends (MLOF) who presented the air ambulance with a £20,000 cheque on Monday.

In February last year she had returned to her bungalow from Peglers Garage in Tetbury, where she was a director to prepare to go out to see Oliver at the Bristol Hippodrome for her 57th birthday.

She was having a shower when she collapsed. She recalled: “I just passed out. I can remember falling into the bath. I climbed out. I don’t know how and I remember being on the bathroom floor and somehow managing to crawl to the bed.”

The next thing Mrs Neal remembers is waking up in hospital two or three days later.

Her husband Keith had found her in bed, couldn’t wake her and called 999. The call centre felt the situation was serious enough to alert Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

She was flown to Frenchay where a drain was inserted in her head to relieve the pressure.

“Apparently I had come around after the operation and was aware of people in the hospital. But I don’t remember any of that.”

“I can’t say how grateful I am to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance for getting me to the hospital so quickly. I am certain they helped save my life.”

She was delighted to be asked by the Friends to the presentation.

Claire Kelly of WAA said: “This amount of money is phenomenal and we cannot thank MLOF enough. Our service is vital in Wiltshire and this will go a long way.”