GIANT plant pots installed along Clive Parade in Pinehurst over the past month have got tongues wagging among shopkeepers and residents.

A mixture of positive and negative verdicts have come through the Adver’s letterbox, been posted online and shared with ward councillors since council work began earlier this summer.

The black pots are several feet high and run the full length of the parade. They are currently full of compost ahead of a tree-planting session.

The pots were installed as a part of a wider project by the council to improve the appearance of the road as visitors and commuters enter the town from the north The project also involved resurfacing the pavement and has caused some disturbance for businesses in the road, according to owners.

Despite the short-term impact, Bonnie Bull, of Bonnie’s Florist in Whitworth Road, said she envisages long-term benefits from the pots.

She said: “I think it’s lovely. It’s brilliant, what they have done. A lot of customers have said they don’t like the black pots, but once it’s finished it can only enhance it.

“I am expecting a tree to be put in at some point, which I had some concerns about. I hope it doesn’t block my shop from people passing by.

“It was looking a bit tired around here, so the investment is welcome. The only trouble we had during the building period was a drop in footfall for two weeks.”

Dennis Latouche, the owner of The Den, a hair and beauty salon on the parade, is far from pleased with the designs or the location for the pots.

His business is separated from the main cluster of shops by a car park, and has not been included in the main row of pots for the pavement.

He said: “There were videos on YouTube of people dumping each other in them after being to the pub. There is no intention to start work at our end and it looks grotty now. “ Coun Ray Ballman (Lab, Gorse Hill & Pinehurst) said: “It has been on the cards for a couple of I think it will improve the area. I just hope the local people will take pride in their area and act responsibly.”