A vandal's spray painting spree in Chippenham damaged at least 15 cars.

Households awoke to find their cars had been given a yellow paint job on Saturday, police receiving reports from angry owners.

Eleven vehicles in Ladyfield Road and three in Westerleigh Close were targeted, with a further two in Lowden reported on Facebook.

PCSO Lyn Staples said: “An unknown offender sprayed a line of yellow powder-based paint, from the front to rear of each panel, along the length of parked cars on the pavement side.

"It was random vehicles, they weren’t targeting specific vehicles.

“There are quite a few angry people.”

PCSO Sarah Moth said: “It took a lot of hard graft to remove, especially on the soft top.”

Sabrina Vinden, of Ladyfield Road, had to use a scouring brush to remove the paint and still hasn’t managed to get it off the door handles.

Mrs Vinden, 23, said: “It messed up our whole Saturday. My husband looked out of the window and thought it was a shadow, but then saw our neighbour Mike cleaning his Jag, it’s his pride and joy.

"I think they got hold of a load of cans of road marker paint.

"They don’t care because it’s not their stuff and the rest of us have to deal with it. It’s incredibly annoying.

“We borrowed my mum’s car as well but luckily that was in the drive. If that had been done my dad would have done his nut.”

Neighbour Michael Rose, 79, who had his Jaguar vandalised, said: “Anyone would be upset to see that in the morning. It took the best part of the day to clean it off.

“I’ve had Jaguars since 1953 and it’s the first time I’ve had one damaged.”

Police say the vandals struck between 10pm on Friday and 6.30am on Saturday and are appealing for witnesses on 101.