A BISHOP from Kenya stepped into the Adver offices as part of a visit to the town.

The Rt Rev Julius Kalu, the Bishop of Mombasa, was taken around the Victoria Road offices with the Rev Simon Stevenette, the vicar of Christ Church, Old Town.

Mr Kalu is in Britain for a month and has already met the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

He was in Swindon for three days to meet parish partners in Christ Church and hopes for parish support for a project with homeless street girls in Mombasa.

Kenya has been struggling with an Aids pandemic and Mr Kalu said the recent influx of homeless girls could be due to the loss of parents to the deadly disease.

He said: “I’m here to talk to the parishioners of Swindon to see if they can assist in the project.

“It’s actually very encouraging to see people from across the world coming in to assist on projects in other countries in other parts of the world.”

He said he is also hoping for help to improve the Mombasa Memorial Cathedral, which is now over 100 years old.

He said of his visit to the town: “I’m really impressed by this place, it’s a very beautiful place.

“It’s my first time visiting Swindon and the people are very hospitable. The parish vicar has taken me around and everyone’s very welcoming.”