Trowbridge neighbour from hell Martin Redfern vowed to move away from the street where he lives during an outburst as he was sentenced for breaching his anti-social behaviour order.

The 41-year-old had a two-year ASBO slapped on him last December, in a bid to stop him taunting and intimidating his neighbours in Wilton Drive.

Two incidents since which have worried residents saw him appear before South East Wiltshire Magistrates Court in Salisbury on Wednesday, where he was given a 12-month community order and a six-month supervision order.

The court heard how Redfern verbally abused a neighbour on December 19, before attacking a police officer and destroying a custody cell CCTV camera after he was arrested.

In the second incident he was accused of revving his car engine excessively as his neighbour Brian Raymond walked past, before following him and his wife around the estate in his car.

They said he was looking at them with “cold eyes”.

Redfern shouted in court: “I’m moving away anyway” as magistrates delivered their verdict and later vented his anger in a court corridor, saying: “I’m f****** moving.”

Stephen Ritter, defending, argued that his client became easily stressed because physical abuse by Redfern’s father when he was a child led to him committing a sexual offence and he had still not recovered.

He told the court Redfern is taking strong medication and is having to care for his seriously ill wife.

Mr Ritter said: “When he moved to the street everything was wonderful in Wilton Drive.

“He used to cut the grass of neighbour’s gardens, clear snow for them and repair their tools and cars. But now the neighbours have it in their heads that they have a gun-shooting, axe-wielding lunatic living on their street.

“The damage has been done to him over the years and the stress factor has built up. It is not easy for him.”

Next door neighbour Mr Raymond, 65, said: “I can’t see him moving away any time soon because he is having solar panels installed on his roof, but it would be the best thing for all of us if he did go.

“To be fair since the incident in January he has been behaving himself but my wife and I were left feeling very intimidated. I don’t like confrontations, especially not like that on the street.”

Redfern is banned from approaching his neighbours or using noisy equipment late at night after residents previously told how he had taunted them by wielding chainsaws late at night.