Ten students from St John’s School and Marlborough College have embarked on a month-long trip to Marlborough’s Link Community of Gunjur, The Gambia.

They are the 16th group to work in Gunjur since the first group went in 1985 led by the then Mayor Nick Fogg and are accompanied by leaders Rosie Carter, Harriet Compton and James Moran.

During their time in Gunjur, the group will be living with local families, experiencing daily life in the village, learning about the very different culture and faith (Islam) and developing friendships.

They will be working with members of the community to construct an extension to the central market.

The market, in many ways similar to the new Sunday market in Marlborough, is in the centre of the village and is a vital source of income for the women of Gunjur selling their produce of vegetables, meat and fish.

The money is then used to educate their children and support their families.

The group aged between 16 and 18 are entirely self-funded and have raised £4,000 towards the materials for building the extension to the market.

They will be giving a presentation of their time in Gunjur on Monday, August 20 at 7.30pm in Marlborough Town Hall.

All are welcome – admission free but there will be a retiring collection.