Seven-year-old Izzie King is the envy of her friends at Great Bedwyn School after being a guest of honour at the opening ceremony for the Paralympics.

She was born on December 20, 2004, which was declared 2012 Day by London Olympics chairman Lord Seb Coe.

He pledged that every child born on that day would be involved in the Olympics in some way, under what he called the Children’s Promise.

Izzie went with her parents Cathy and Russell and sister Lottie, 12, to the Paralympics ceremony on Wednesday last week.

Her mother said: “Izzie had already got to be a VIP guest forming part of a guard of honour on the stage for the Olympic torchbearer, with other Children’s Promise children, when it reached South Park in Oxford as part of the Olympic torch relay back in July.”

Izzie was then thrilled to get an invitation to the Paralympics.

Mrs King said: “She had a front row seat in the Olympic Stadium for the 80,000-strong opening ceremony last Wednesday night and had a mention in the pre-show.

“It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be in the stadium that night and she will never forget it.

“She is a very lucky girl but I don’t think it really dawned on her how lucky she was until we arrived at the Olympic stadium.”

Izzie and sister Lottie, who goes to St John’s School, both attend jujitsu lessons.

Mrs King said the inspiration from being part of the Children’s Promise might well lead her to train hard with an eye on taking part in the Olympics in the future.