A pair of friends hope to become super sleuths by creating a detective agency to catch cheating partners.

Rob Frontier and Lee Davies were made redundant by Virgin Mobile in Trow-bridge this year, but had been planning their new venture, Premier Investigations and Surveillance, for some time.

Mr Frontier, 37, of Westbury, said: “The redundancy announcement was made last year, so we knew it was coming and we were planning and researching the whole time.

“It was Lee’s idea initially and then I gave my interest and did some research. “It was almost a pipe dream, in a way, but then we realised this is reality, people are doing this job and we can do it as well.

“Lee had some experience doing some fraud (investigation) work, which made him think that way. He was doing outside customer fraud and internal fraud.”

The detective agency will take on all sorts of cases, but wants to specialise in catching people cheating on their partners.

Mr Frontier, who was a technical assistant at Virgin, said: “From personal experience, we know how doubt can poison a relationship. “We provide evidence to clear those feelings of doubt and replace the suspicions with proof.

“If you hire us because you don’t know if your boyfriend is going to the gym or not, we can say ‘Well, yes he is, we’ve got the evidence’, brilliant. If not and he is cheating, we can say ‘let’s do a confrontation; here’s the evidence and here’s some support to help you through that’.”

The firm plans to place emphasis on supporting clients, offering help and guidance in the event their other half is caught cheating.

It has established itself in an office on the Westbury Trading Estate and is awaiting its first case. Mr Frontier said: “I’m massively looking forward to it. I can’t wait for that first case, to be honest, to get our teeth into and utilise some of the skills we’ve got.”

Some of the techniques include taking covert photographs, trailing suspects, conducting stake-outs and using gadgets including hidden cameras, tracking devices and specialist software.

The partners plan to offer their services across the south west and Mr Frontier admitted that, at first, his wife was not sure what to make of his career change.

“Initially, when I said we’re going to be investigators, she was a little bit taken aback,” he said. “But then, when she saw the research, she was fully supportive. “She’s well aware I could be away for weekends or even weeks.”

Premier Investigations and Surveillance is based in Headquarters Road. Call 0800 690 6800 or visit www.premierinvestigationssurveillanceltd.co.uk