Devizes resident Jo Davis is back home after being caught up in a wildfire that engulfed the Costa del Sol.
Mrs Davis, of Station Road, was on holiday at her and her husband’s apartment in the resort of Calahonda when a fire was raging close by. Also staying at the apartment was Mrs Davis’s son, Mark, 42, his wife, Tina, and their daughter, Marquita, seven.
The fire came up to the perimeter of their apartment complex, Bonita Hills. The Davis family, along with the occupiers of the other apartments, were told to evacuate immediately by police.
The family got into their car and drove to a supermarket car park in the resort, where they stayed until the fire was out.
The resort is midway between Fuengirola and Marb-ella and the land behind it consists of trees and bushes.
Mrs Davis, a retired administrator, said: “I heard a commotion and looked outside and saw flames opposite. They were lapping up at the wall at the back of the complex. The gazebo outside the pool was on fire.
“The flames were throwing embers up and they went through a window of another apartment. A brave handyman at the apartments put the sprinklers on and burst through the roof to put the fire out in that apartment.
“About six fire engines attended. At first light a helicopter and planes spent hours spraying water on the fire.”
The Davis family returned to their apartment last Friday, a day after they were evacuated, and after clearing up continued with their holiday before returning to Wiltshire on Tuesday.
Mrs Davis said: “There were ashes on our terrace and on the table outside but none of the apartments were damaged.
“I have got nothing but praise for the police and fire officers. They were marvellous and handled it so well.
“The police made sure we were evacuated. Some people were quite anxious but I, for some reason, was quite calm. I knew we would be alright.”
After the fire was put out in Calahonda, it spread
towards Marbella.
A 78-year-old British man died in the fire. He was found burned to death in a tool shed of a house overlooking the resort of Marbella.