A CLUBBER is lucky to be alive after he plunged eight feet in a night club.

The man, in his 20s, was in intensive care in hospital for three hours after the incident at Tiger Bills in Old Town on Sunday.

The Ambulance service was called to the incident at 10.35pm and treated the man for severe head injuries before taking him to Great Western Hospital .

The fall happened inside the club after he stumbled backwards over the railing.

The victim, who is still bed bound, did not want to talk about the incident but said that the club was not to blame.

A spokesperson for the Great Western Ambulance Service said: “We took a couple of calls about the incident on Sunday night with the first coming in at 10.35pm.

“We were called to Tiger Bills, in Newport Street, where a man in his 20s had fallen from a height.

“We had a paramedic on the scene within four minutes, backed up by an ambulance crew.

“The man was unconscious but breathing and had suffered a head injury.

“We were able to stabilise him on the scene and took him to Great Western Hospital where he arrived at 11.40pm.”

The victim posted pictures of his injuries on Facebook and wrote: “Intensive Care for 3 hours. #idiot “Suspected broken neck, pelvis and arm. Escaped with a few cuts and bruises!! #lucky.”

Tiger Bills, which opened last month, is operated by the same people behind the Baker Street bar in nearby Wood Street, and has proved popular with clubbers.

The latest night spot has a selection of bars, a VIP mezzanine and a Miami-inspired roof terrace.

The club opened on August 24 with a special VIP night.

The club has recently had an issue with the council over removing wooden panels around the smoking terrace.

The club said in a statement: "After being in contact with the customer we are please to say after falling over a barrier is in good health.

"This on both sides has been put aside as ‘just’ an accident.

"The customer has viewed this statement and is in agreement."