TEAMWORK is the secret to 60 years of marriage, according to Ken and Mary Jones.

The grandparents, of Ferndale Road, are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary tomorrow after tying the knot at St Mary’s Church in Rodbourne Cheney on September 13, 1952.

They met in the Milton Road Health Hydro when it was covered up for winter and made into a dancefloor, known as the Majestic Ballroom.

Ken, 85, who was working in the railways when they met, said: “I saw this nice young lady and I said ‘may I have this dance?’ and that was it.

“I had about half a pound of lard on my head to keep my hair tidy and I had a collar and tie on. You would never pick a girl up who wasn’t nice and tidy and the girls never picked a man up if he was scruffy.”

They danced to the Nat Temple Orchestra before Ken walked Mary home to Pinehurst while pushing her bike back too.

They arranged to meet again a week later, then got engaged a year later and got married 60 years ago tomorrow.

Mary, nee Breakspear, wore a white dress and had one bridesmaid, her late sister Ethel, on their big day.

Their reception was held at Pinehurst Labour Hall.

Ken, a retired post office worker, said: “They say 13 is unlucky but I’m not superstitious and I have felt very fortunate.”

The couple have a son, David, and two granddaughters, Rachel and Kathryn.

Mary, 82, who is a retired Co-op warehouse worker, said they have always supported each other during their marriage.

She said: “Nothing is his or mine, it is ours. We are a team.

“We have always done everything together. We like walking and going on holidays abroad, we go to Cyprus most years.”

Ken, who used to be chairman and carry the standard for the Swindon branch of the Royal British Legion, said: “We do everything together – washing up, getting the dinner. More so now we are retired. “We are an item. We have no hidden secrets.”

The couple will celebrate tomorrow with their family and will go to Blunsdon House Hotel on Saturday for more celebrations.