A man is making his last effort to track down a commemorative clock which he donated to Westbury Hospital, after it went missing three years ago.

John Mead, 67, said the clock was presented to mark a triple birthday celebration; his own and those of Malcolm Grainger and Darlene Wordley.

Their party was held at Westbury Labour Club and had a disco by then Wiltshire Radio and later BBC Radio 2 stalwart Johnnie Walker.

The hospital will be sold by NHS Wiltshire after its two doctors’ surgeries move to the new White Horse Health Centre in Mane Way next week. It could be demolished.

Mr Mead, of Westbury Leigh, hopes the clock could find a new place in the health centre.

He said: “We just wanted to mark the occasion of our birthdays, back in 1985, and to donate something toward the hospital. “No one knows where it is.Until about three years ago, it was on the wall inside the main front entrance, beside the matron’s office, but it seems to have disappeared and we have had no luck tracking it down.

“As it was a gift to the hospital, I am hoping that it will be returned, so it can be sited in the new Westbury surgery complex, I think it will look good in there.

“I’ll be very disappointed if someone has purloined it.”

Mr Mead, who was a Rygor driver for 30 years, said NHS property managers had promised to give the building a final search for the clock.

He added: “I have spoken to my GP and the reception about putting it up in the new health centre and they have been thinking about somewhere to put it.

“The clock is about 27 years old, but I think it would fit in well there.”