After five years at Heddington C of E Primary School, headteacher Tracey Dunn is leaving for a new job in Bradford on Avon.

Mrs Dunn, who will leave her post in January next year, has overseen some big changes at the little school.

In her time at Heddington, the numbers of children attending have doubled from 27 to 54, which means the school is almost at capacity.

Mrs Dunn said: “We are just two children away from being at capacity, which is wonderful.

“I will be joining Fitzmaurice Primary School next year, which will be a big change. They have 240 pupils enrolled there, so it’s substantially bigger.

“It will be different, but I was drawn to the school because it has a very community feel to it, which is what I have always loved about Heddington. We have always worked to foster that feeling here, and we are very much a family here.”

Heddington’s last Ofsted rated the school as ‘good’, with outstanding features.

Mrs Dunn said: “The school is a very lovely and special place.

“People have asked me why I don’t want to stay put and take advantage of the school after all the donkey work I’ve put in, but it’s time to move on.

“This will be a fantastic opportunity for the next head to come here.”

Mrs Dunn came to the area almost 11 years ago from Staffordshire, and worked at Priestly School in Calne as a deputy head before taking on the role at Heddington.

She said the move will be a big change, but that she is excited to make the move.

“I’m excited about the new challenge, and I’m looking forward to it,” she said.

“I like my life to be full of new challenges. I will miss Heddington very much.

“The children are wonderful, the community is fantastic – they have been so welcoming to me – and the staff and teachers here are brilliant.

“I shall be very, very sorry to go, but I’m confident that I’m leaving Heddington in a very strong position, which is all I could ask for.”