CONCERNS have been raised that traffic problems in Chiseldon could escalate if a car auction site in Wroughton is given the go-ahead.

An application has been submitted to Swindon Council to change the use of Hangar C2 and its grounds to a mixed use for indoor leisure karting and a car auction site.

But the application has raised concerns among many residents and councillors, including those in nearby Chiseldon who believe it could have a knock-on effect on an existing problem with traffic in their village.

As part of their objection, Chiseldon Parish Council listed a number of issues they believe could arise.

A parish council spokesperson said: “Long transporters will be directed to use junction 15 if coming from either east or west and these could get tied up at the Patriots Arms roundabout.

“It is understood a dry-run using a transporter has already been done and that a contractor has succeeded in negotiating Priors Hill in Wroughton as he doesn’t want to use the privately-owned ‘hospital’ road because of the potholes which exist.

“A stipulation should be included which provides for the upgrading of the private road.

“Sat navs will dictate the use of Butts Road rather than New Road. In any case, traffic problems are already evident on the junction with New Road and the A346, and vehicles will use Butts Road increasingly as a rat-run.”

Also among their fears are the views to Barbury Castle being spoilt, light pollution caused by the site being floodlit and any future expansion of the business should it be successful.

Coun Mike Bawden , (Con, Chiseldon and Lawn), echoed the worries about traffic.

“One of the major routes into the proposed site will be through Chiseldon village,” he said.

“Chiseldon Parish Council and ourselves as borough councillors are desperately concerned that if this application gets permission either from the borough or through an appeal, the sheer volume and size of the vehicles coming through the village will cause huge problems.

“We are concerned about the junction between New Road and Marlborough Road where the garage is because there is already terrible congestion there.

“We have a difficult situation in Chiseldon in terms of a rat run. This would make life much more difficult.

The applicant, Alan Read, is the tenant and leaseholder of the site and has been associated with the current use since 2007.

In the application, it is stated that selling days for the general public would only take place on Wednesdays with the possibility of 120 cars on sale at one time.

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