WESTBURY’S new primary care centre, which boasts an outpatient x-ray unit and minor surgery suite, officially opened on Monday.

The launch of the £5 million White Horse Health Centre, in Mane Way – in development for nine years – was welcomed by doctors and town representatives.

Staff and equipment from the White Horse and East-leigh surgeries have moved into the building, which has nine GP rooms, antenatal and postnatal care, five treatment areas, a seminar room, a mobile diagnostics centre, a mental health care and a dental surgery.

It will be a base for midwives, health visitors and district nurses and contains a MedicX pharmacy, open until 10pm every day.

Senior partner Dr Debbie Beale said: “I have been here for more than 25 years and have seen the town growing larger and larger.

“That was what pushed us to start work on this new centre . It is far more modern, airy and bright compared with our old buildings, and better designed for the services it offers.

“It will be a more pleasant experience for patients.

“We are providing extra services, like the x-ray facility, and will be able to perform minor operations, like hernias and vasectomies.”

The location was initially controversial, with fears patients would have difficulty getting to the town outskirts.

Dr Beale said: “We have worked hard with the council, bus companies and local link schemes to make it as easy as possible for people to come here.

“There are places for bikes and charging points for mobility scooters. The access is much better than our old site and we are nearer the more deprived areas of Westbury, where there is greater need for our services.”

Mayor Sue Ezra said: “The doctors have worked really hard to bring us this health centre and I think it is absolutely wonderful.

“It provides so many new services which we have been missing out on and have had to travel for. The pharmacy will be particularly appreciated by many.”

The opening was delayed by just over a month, while contractors gained permission for road alterations.

Westbury’s hospital building is now unoccupied, but NHS Wiltshire must seek new care providers to occupy the site before it can be sold.

The surgery in the Tynings, Bratton, will remain open.