THE GLITZ and glamour of casino paradise Nevada comes to Trow Vegas tonight, with a unique red carpet film premiere.

The town hall will become a cinema for one night only, to show a documentary by Trowbridge-based artist Meg Mosley.

Shot over seven years, Agog: The Grandmother Diaries tells the story of her relationship with her grandmother, Veronica Orr, known as Gog.

It shows her determination to enjoy life to the full, despite failing health and increasing vulnerability.

The Las Vegas theme was inspired by another film project Miss Mosley is working on, about the people of Trowbridge, called Viva Trow Vegas, after the local nickname for the town.

Guests at the event – part of the Trowbridge Arts Festival – will dress up for the red carpet, be protected by bodyguards from a gym, get mobbed by paparazzi and enjoy refreshments from hostesses who are models.

Miss Mosley, a former John of Gaunt pupil who studied art in London, said: “It’s snowballed into something really big.

“It’s got crazy. So many people are joining in. I think it’s hilarious. It’s slightly daunting, because it’s such a bizarre event. There’s a wonderful mix of people getting involved.

“[My grandmother] was just completely amazing, inspirational, glamourous and funny. She didn’t like the fuss of growing older and wanted to live life and celebrate.”

In January, Viva Trow Vegas will be exhibited in London at the Jerwood Visual Arts Project Space, which has awarded Miss Mosley an emerging artist grant, based in part on her original subject matter, which all comes from Trowbridge and the surrounding area.

She said: “I’m making my work outside of the art world really, completely from my home town and with the characters I observe here.

“I’m fascinated by celebration and community. There’s a great sense of humour here. I’ve got an affection for Trowbridge because it’s home and all my family are here.”

The event starts at 6.30pm, with the screening at 7.30pm.

If you would like to dress up and attend as a guest email contact@, or for more information about the two films visit megmosley or see