RESIDENTS on Bradley Road have voiced concerns about plans for the McDonald’s branch on the Spitfire Retail Park to open 24 hours a day.

Franchisee David William-son has written to Trow-bridge councillors, detailing proposals to extend the hours from the existing 7.30am to 11pm to 24 hours a day, creating six new jobs to add to the 90 existing posts.

Nearby residents are opposed to the idea, after long-running issues with litter, noise and anti-social behaviour at the park, where there is now both McDonald’s and a KFC takeaway.

Mr Williamson says his customers want longer hours to buy food after finishing work late or before starting early shifts.

Jane Robinson, who lives close to the Spitfire Retail Park, said: “We’re still experiencing anti-social behaviour, cars racing around and noise We feel that any extension is only going to increase that problem.

“It’s late at night and it can be quite early in the morning, people drive around revving their engines.

“If it’s opened 24 hours, people will be there all hours, possibly people who have been drinking, making noise and making a mess.

“I think it’s a very weak sort of justification they’re using.”

John Fairbrother, of Alder-ton Way, said: “Everyone is up in arms about it, because no-one knew about it.

“I’m dead against it and so are the majority of residents. I don’t think it will be passed for a moment. It’s all the boy racers you get up there. Any extension to the opening hours and it’s going to be worse.”

Cllr Graham Payne, who represents the Dyrham ward which includes Bradley Road, said: “It’s a very, very poor idea. I’ve spoken to people locally and they are dead against it.

“Given the volume of complaints received, there is no chance that I would support increased opening hours. I am completely unimpressed by Mr Williamson’s claims about unmet demand.”

Cllr Payne has circulated copies of Mr Williamson’s letter and asked McDonald’s for a public meeting to discuss the matter.

Councillor Jeff Osborn said: “I’m totally opposed to it. There are already problems with boy racers, at the moment. When McDonald’s closes, they shut the gates off at the entrance to the car park.

“There’s certainly a lot of opposition locally. It would be a magnet for boy racers.”

Mr Williamson said: “McDonald’s takes an active interest in the local community and continues to invest in Trowbridge.

“We are considering our options for further investment in jobs and growth and, as part of that process, are assessing demand in the local area for an extension in our restaurant’s opening hours.

“Our plans are at a very early stage. We are talking to councillors, the local police team and local residents and will take into account all feedback before bringing forward any proposal.”