WOOTTON Bassett boss Dave Turner was a proud manager after watching his side give it everything against Conference South Dorchester.

The Rylands Way outfit were beaten 4-0 at the Avenue Stadium in the FA Cup by a side who play four divisions higher.

It was always going to be a hugely difficult task for Bassett, who were competing in the second round qualifying round for the first time in their history, but Turner was delighted with the performance.

"I'm proud of my players," he said.

"The class difference was there for everyone to see and the lad from Exeter who scored the two goals (Jamie Reid) was absolutely different class.

"We were up against it for large periods of the game, but we tried to pass it when we had the ball and I've got nothing but praise for my players.

"The difference in quality was clear to see, but they didn't disgrace themselves or let themselves, me or the club down. I thought they were immense.

"I was pleased with their durability, they never stopped trying to pass the ball. It's easy when you're 4-0 down to start blaming each other, but we stuck at it as a group.

"I think I've got a terrific young group of players and that makes me proud as a manager."

Turner also voiced his delight at the way that himself, his staff and players were treated by officials at the Dorset club, for what was arguably the biggest game in their history.

And the Bassett manager added that he would like to see more of the same 'respect' in the Hellenic League, where Bassett ply their trade.

"When you come to a club like this, the way they treat you and the respect they show you is superb and a lot of clubs in our league could learn from them," said Turner.

"They have got players that are ex-pros or who are here on loan from professional clubs and they treat you with respect, there's none of this, 'we're better than you'.

"Their players were talking to my players throughout the game and they wanted to know where we came from. The way they conducted themselves, we can learn from them.

"I had three or four of their staff coming up to me afterwards saying, 'you should be proud of your players', which obviously I am after what they have done."