SWINDON is taking to Twitter as it aims to improve its reputation.

A campaign has been launched on the social networking site to explore the town’s culture and give perspectives from the people who live in it.

The project is the brainchild of Jenny Hoog, 26, who was so inspired by similar campaigns that she decided to set up her own.

Sweden’s official tourism agency made waves when it produced a Twitter account for the country, allowing a different resident to take control every week.

Leeds followed in its footsteps and now Jenny, who is a marketing and digital officer at The Wyvern Theatre , is hoping to show off the sights and people of Swindon.

She is appealing for people to spend a week writing comments about what they have been up to and why they love Swindon and anything new they have discovered.

Jenny said: “I thought about this idea last week and already it is getting a lot of interest, with people emailing in saying they want to be a part of it.

“I want all different kinds of people who either live or work in Swindon to get involved.

“Swindon does have a bad reputation so by doing this we are hoping to change that.

“It is all about the community using it and letting people know what they have been doing, whether it is a new cafe they have found, or a Swindon Town fan tweeting from a game.”

Every Monday, a new person from the town will take over the account, which aims to start on November 5.

But Jenny said the site would not to be an advertising feature for businesses and there would be strict rules.

She said: “People must be willing to post at least twice a day, every day, for a week running from Monday to Sunday.

“Obviously the more you tweet the better, as people will get to know you. You must live, work or play in Swindon, and you must be in Swindon for the whole of the week you’re covering.

“We want to show the world Swindon, not the holiday you’re taking to Magaluf. You must agree to play nice on the account. No spamming, fighting or being obscene. And you must be an active Twitter user already, or be willing to take a very short workshop on using Twitter.”

Email peopleofswindon@gmail.com with your name, twitter ID and why you want to be involved.