A ROVING cat is heading to Australia to be reunited with its newly-emigrated owners after going walkabout in Old Town for two months.

Molly went missing from Winifred Street in July and was found after a passer-by recognised the black-and-white moggy from an appeal in the Adver.

The cat had been staying with a neighbour while she waited to be sent on through quarantine after her owner Sarah Stenning and her family emigrated. But the wantaway puss made a break for it after beating a ‘lockable’ cat flap and was found hanging around in Glenwood Close, Old Town, where she was being fed by residents.

A local resident recognised the escapee, who has been chipped, from a picture in the Adver and made enquiries with people who lived in the area. The cat lover then called Sarah’s mother Jan Webb, who had run an appeal in the Adver asking for information on Molly’s whereabouts.

Mrs Webb, who is now keeping Molly safely indoors at her home in Blunsdon, said: “We had given up hope, but thanks to the power of the Adver, Molly is home safe and sound and will be going to Australia once she has been vaccinated.

“I didn’t tell my daughter until I was absolutely sure it was her, but when I did she was absolutely over the moon.

“You didn’t need a phone to hear her from Australia. It was one of the best thrills ever.”

Several readers kept Mrs Webb informed of sightings of the cat – who will eventually be heading to Perth where Sarah is working as a nurse. Mrs Webb said: “I’m so grateful to everyone who kept me informed including one lady called Gloria who, like me, did not give up hope.

“Molly is part of the family and she really belongs to my grandson Oliver, who has moved to Australia with my daughter. They will be thrilled to have her back.”