A 90-YEAR-OLD became the victim of a distraction burglary after a man approached him while he was tending to his front garden.

The pensioner was at his home in Severn Avenue when the suspect asked him if he wanted his gutters repaired.

The OAP said no but was followed into his conservatory and he later discovered his wallet, which was in the conservatory, was missing.

PC Benarth Pierrepont, of the priority crime team at Gablecross Police Station, said: “This man has cynically talked his way into the home of an elderly gentleman in order to steal from him. We want to bring him to justice before he has a chance to strike again.

“We are looking for a white male, about 5ft 9in tall, with proportionate build. He is thought to be in his late 40s with a fair complexion.

“He was clean shaven and wearing a cotton grey tracksuit and floppy felt hat which appeared to be off-white with a circular rim. He spoke with a local accent.”

The elderly victim was outside his front door when he was approached by a man who explained he had been repairing a roof nearby, and asked if he wanted his gutters repaired.

The householder said he was not interested and walked along his drive and through his conservatory to the back garden to collect a spade.

He was followed by the suspect who claimed that the gutter at the back was cracked and said he could repair it.

The resident made clear he did not want any work done and returned to the front garden.

The suspect said he would get him a business card and walked off along Trent Road.

The victim later discovered that his wallet, which had been in the conservatory, was missing. It contained £40 (one £20 note and two £10 notes), a Post Office account number, bus pass and various store cards.

Police investigations are ongoing but PC Pierrepont is appealing for information.

Witnesses or anyone with information should phone PC Pierrepont at Gablecross on 01793 507912 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.