“ENJOY your life, because you never know what will happen next.”

That is this motto which mum-of-two Tracey Kidman Pepper lives her life by, after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 35.

Tracey, of Marlborough Road, had not long returned to her job in human resources following the birth of her second child Lukas, now five, when she found a lump in her breast.

After visiting her GP in November 2008, she was shocked to be told she had breast cancer.

“It hadn’t crossed my mind for a second,” she said. “I thought it was a cyst so I was just in a state of utter shock. “I describe myself as a random because there is no history of it in my family, I was the wrong age group and I am fit and healthy.

The lump in Tracey’s breast was 4cms wide when it was discovered. Just 10 days later, she underwent a mastectomy, followed by seven sessions of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then a reconstruction, but she describes losing her hair as the worst part.

“Having a bald head is like a beacon to everyone, it’s like shouting out ‘I have cancer,’” she said.

From her experience, Tracey found a new love of writing.,She penned all her thoughts in a diary throughout her treatment and found it therapeutic. Since then she has written several fictional books and is a blogger with an audience throughout the world.

“The main reason I did it was for my daughter, who was only little when I was diagnosed,” she said.

“When she gets older I don’t want her to think cancer is a big scary thing, I want her to read it and think that like everything in life, it is all about the journey and you just don’t know what is round the corner.

“I used to go to breast cancer care meetings and the message I want to get out comes from a lady at one who said, ‘It’s just a glitch in your life. Your life will go on and will go back to normal’ and she was right.

“Breakthrough Breast Cancer are doing so many wonderful things and making so many advances, I am confident one day they will find a cure for breast cancer.”

To read Tracey’s blog visit www.tracey-confessionsofamother.blogspot.com.

Finding breast cancer early could save your life. Know the signs, text TLC to 84424 for your free TLC guide from Break-through Breast Cancer, or register at www.tlcguide.org.

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