GRADUATE Henrietta Jerram will soon see the jumper she designed appearing on the shelves of an international clothes store.

Miss Jerram, 23, from Dauntsey, won the 2012 Wool School initiative and her whimsical woollen creation will be sold in Topshop.

The former Cheltenham College student was one of hundreds to enter the competition set by representatives of the shop for Kingston University students.

Miss Jerram, a fashion graduate who specialises in knit designs, said: “I was in my third year anyway when the competition was set, and it was about a month before university ended, so it was just this completely hectic time.

“We heard all about the brief from a Topshop representative, and we talked about the designs that suited the customers and the brand itself, and then we had a couple of weeks to do it.”

The competition was set by The Campaign for Wool, which aims to promote the presence of UK-manufactured wool on the high street, and this year teamed up with 11 universities and 11 brands to create a limited- edition range of jumpers.

Thousands of students competed to create a jumper for their set high street shop.

Miss Jerram was already working on her final project, based on the shipping forecast, when she decided to take part in the contest, and originally tried to base her design on her work.

She said: “I started the project based on my existing work, but then I decided it was awful.

“Our tutor had said we could do something based on our work and tailor it to the brief, which would save a lot of time, but in the end I scrapped all the new designs I had done and started again. I liked the idea though, and so I came up with ‘the sheeping forecast’, and based it on that. I thought it would be really funny, and so I spent a lot of time dreaming up sheep puns.

“I think my housemates thought I was going mad. Then I was doodling out illustrations and that’s when I came up with the sheep on the jumper.”

Miss Jerram’s final design is a colourful jumper with sheep on each of the sleeves and the words ‘sheep thrills’ on the front.

She said: “It was such a good opportunity, and I can’t believe I actually won. I keep thinking to myself, ‘Imagine if I actually saw someone wearing it’. It would be amazing.”

The win is only the beginning of Miss Jerram’s career – in three weeks she will be taking up a new job with American clothing giants Abercrombie and Fitch as a designer.

She said: “It’s just been the best year ever and I can’t believe how it’s all turned out.”

Miss Jerram’s design will be sold in Topshop stores from October 15 to 21 to coincide with National Wool Week.