Conkers were wielded in fierce competition in Seagry on Saturday for the primary school’s annual competition.

Past and present pupils of Seagry Primary School, and their parents, attended the competition which has been running for 22 years, held in the garden of Tony and Pat Kay, aiming to become champion.

One family stood above the rest this year as Chris Naughton took the men’s title, and his children Libby and Freddie won the rounds for Years 1 and 3.

Other winners were Janet Bate for the ladies, Jenny Coates for the older siblings/past pupils, Ed Shewring-Scott for Year 6, Alex Nuttall for Year 5, and Freddie Bright for Year 2.

Headteacher Jill Rowe said: “We have special conker rules – so many hits and you’re out. We have heats, like Wimbledon.

“We have nice tea and cakes and a barbecue. “It’s the Friends of Seagry School and our administrator Debbie Shaw who do the refreshments.

“The day usually lasts about three hours and it’s a really lovely family day. There’s been one day when it rained in the last 22 years.

“There are lots of conkers around the village and it’s a traditional thing the school puts on. It’s one of many of the school’s long-standing traditions.

“The children and a member of staff collect the conkers and one of the parents drills the holes.

“No-one brings their own, so there’s no baking or cooking in vinegar.

“There’s also a medal for the winners, and certificates.”

The primary school also held a Roald Dahl ‘Dahlicious’ Day on Friday to raise money for the late author’s children’s charity.

There was a variety of costumes with characters from Roald Dahl books such as The Witches, Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox and James and the Giant Peach.

Mrs Rowe said: “The children who didn’t dress up wore yellow, Roald Dahl’s favourite colour, and the staff wore yellow too. We made £60 for the charity.”

The school is also planting a number of daffodil bulbs around its premises later this month, ready for the spring.