HUNDREDS of visitors helped to build a memorable event at Steam this weekend.

The museum greeted record numbers as LEGO fanatics packed the Great Western Lego Show.

The exhibition, which is the largest display of Lego models built by fans in the UK, included displays such as the country’s largest Lego train layouts with a variety of steam and diesel locomotives, scenery, bridges and stations.

The Brickish Association had the chance to show off hundreds of models which they had worked on, most of which have been built exclusively for the show.

This included Tom Groombridge’s model of a Maersk container ship which took two years of designing and building, and contained more than 25,000 pieces.

One of this year’s highlights was a working wheelchair, built by Simon Burfield after a bet with a friend who said it couldn't be done.

He built the Lego chair out of 6,000 Technic and Mindstorms parts, capable of moving a 90Kg human being. I am really chuffed, I am glad it worked,” Simon said.

“There have been attempts, but nobody has actually managed to move a human being before.

“I am the first person to be able to do it, and that is really cool. I am genuinely happy with how this has gone.”