Police in Chippenham are appealing for information about a spate of thefts of car badges.

So far seven incidents have been reported in the areas of St Mary’s Street, Rudman Park and Lowden, all between September 12 and 16.

Cars targeted included a Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Mazda, Toyota, Fiat and Audis.

Since the thefts, police have put flyers through the doors of homes in the affected areas.

PCSO Sarah Hardwidge said: “It’s an extremely unnecessary crime which has caused residents a lot of expense to replace the missing badges. The offenders have caused damage to the vehicles by snapping the badges off. The Mini Cooper badge cost £35 to replace alone.”

One car owner whose badge was stolen, who did not wish to be named, said: “This is very frustrating.

“It may only seem to be a plastic car badge, but they are expensive to replace and there is the added cost of repairing the damage caused when they are broken off.”

Another said: “I work really hard and it makes me so sad that someone comes along and damages my vehicle.

“I now feel vulnerable and nervous leaving my car outside in case it is vandalised again.”

PCSO Hardwidge previously worked in Calne where there was a spate of similar thefts in the town about a year ago.

She said: “We caught some youngsters who were doing it. They had sold a lot on eBay as the badges do fetch quite high prices.”

Police have stepped up patrols in the affected areas in Chippenham.

If you have information about the thefts, call Chippenham Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101.