Sarah Garrett, who is about to stand down after serving as a trustee of the Prospect Hospice for ten years, says the charity is looking for new people to bring their skills and experience to its board.

Ms Garrett, 48, from Marlborough, is a senior manager with the Nationwide Building Society and has brought her skills in the world of commerce and banking to the board.

She completes her stint as a trustee at the end of this year after three years as chairman and is appealing for newcomers to join the board of trustees.

She said: “It will be with a heavy heart that I leave Prospect Hospice next year, and I feel very proud to have served such a cherished organisation as a trustee over the past decade. However, I know it will be left in the very capable hands of my successor as chairman, Dr Tim Willis.

“I won’t be alone in retiring from the board of trustees at the end of the year and we have already moved to fill some of the gaps that will inevitably come about when we move on.”

Among the areas the Prospect trustees have identified where experienced people could add their owns skills are medical and retail.

People who are considering offering their time, skills and experience as trustees for the hospice will need to be available to attend bi-monthly meetings and sub-committee meetings.

Ms Garrett said: “The role of the trustees is to govern the running of the hospice, so it comes with considerable responsibility. It does mean that we are asked to read reports, and offer guidance to the senior management team according to our relevant experience, but I have found my own involvement very rewarding.

“I am sure there are many people who would find the same experience equally satisfying.”

Anyone interested in volunteering as a trustee at Prospect Hospice should call chief executive Angela Jordan on (01793) 816119, email angelajordan@ or visit application before October 20.