CORSHAM Town Council is drawing up a draft proposal for its transfer of land to Wiltshire Council as part of the town’s campus project.

During Monday’s monthly town council meeting, councillors discussed the proposal of selling the required land for the campus, at Springfield Recreation Ground, valued at £30,000, for just £1 with a covenant restricting future use on the site.

The town council can transfer land at less than the best consideration if the purpose is for social, economic and environmental issues.

The new campus, known as Springfield, being built in Beechfield Road, will include a new library, meeting rooms and cafe bar among other facilities aiming to benefit the surrounding community.

Currently, there are around 100 free parking bays at Springfield Leisure Centre, which is being demolished to make way for the new campus, and the town council is keen to see free parking remain at the new facility.

It was discussed that the town council should use the land transfer as an opportunity to push for free parking across the town but Corsham town clerk David Martin said this was unlikely to happen.

Town council chairman Peter Anstey said: “We should still be campaigning for free parking in the town centre but I would hate to lose it at the leisure facilities.”

Corsham Town Council will discuss the issue further during next month’s town council meeting. The campus project is expected to be completed in early 2014. For more, visit