A Wiltshire campaign to help people improve their mental wellbeing was launched today as part of World Mental Health Day.
Organisations across Wiltshire worked in partnership to develop the campaign which promotes 10 manageable and practical tips to lead a healthier, happier life.
Maggie Rae, corporate director of public health and public protection for Wiltshire Council and NHS Wiltshire, said:
“This campaign includes a range of practical and local suggestions to support and help people, including organised activities such as walking groups, courses and volunteering. The great thing about these tips is that it reminds us that even a small change in our daily lives can make a big difference to our health and wellbeing.”
Partners on the campaign include Wiltshire Money, Wiltshire Council, NHS Wiltshire, Citizens Advice Bureau, Wiltshire College and the Wiltshire Voluntary Sector Mental Health Forum.
To view the 10 tips to help improve mental wellbeing and for more information visit www.wiltshiremoney.org.uk and search for World Mental Health Day 2012.