A dangerous junction between the A36 and Manor Road at Upton Lovell is being assessed by the Highways Agency with a view to future improvements.

The agency has refused to act until a police investigation into the death of Stanley ‘Rocky’ Knight, killed while driving out of the village on June 15, is concluded.

However, it began a study to look at potential longer term solutions in September, ahead of the police report.

The agency has also considered replacing the mirror at the junction, which Upton Lovell residents claim is not safe to use, and has proposed temporarily preventing traffic entering the village there.

Warminster Area Board will discuss the issue at the Civic Centre on November 8.

Upton Lovell Parish Coun-cil chairman Jon Perrett welcomed the meeting.

He said: “I expect quite a few people will come and if the Highways Agency sends someone to update everyone on what they are doing, that can only be a good thing.

“The situation with the mirror hasn’t changed for nearly four months. They won’t act until the police investigation is concluded.

“But this acceleration of their review is good news – the more we know about possible options, the better.”

The study will review the accidents record at the junction, with six within 150m in the past five years, and look at traffic flow and speeds.

A Highways Agency spokesman said: “The agency will work closely with Wiltshire Council and the parish council throughout the study to identify potential longer term solutions.

“We are not aware of an invite to the area board meeting, however, we have met with Wiltshire Council and continue to consult with them regularly.”

Mr Knight was killed at the Manor Road junction just five months after the deaths of fellow Upton Lovell residents Althea and Antony Barrington-Brown, only yards down the road.