Mums who had babies at Trowbridge Hospital, using hypnobirthing techniques, came together on Sunday to share their experiences.

A total of about 20 mums and their children visited the hospital between 2pm and 4pm, to let others know what the techniques – which focus on visualisation and controlled breathing – did for them.

Midwife Sally Carr, who has been offering hypnobirthing at the Wiltshire hospital for the last 18 months, said: “It went very well. “We had past hypnobirthing mums there. The oldest baby was nine months, up to just 13 days old and every age group in between.

“We had some ante-natal mums come in, to talk to those who have been there and got the T-shirt.”

She added: “It was nice to see everyone, especially the nine-month-old, because I haven’t seen them for ages. It was so lovely.”

To find out more about the benefits and availability of hypnobirthing, expectant mothers can talk to their own midwife, or contact Sally Carr on 07775 111793.