Friends of Sandra Wiltshire, the dog walker from Chippenham who died after being trampled by cows yesterday, said she was a bubbly and popular lady.

Mrs Wiltshire, 68, died at the scene of the incident in a field near Riverside Drive, Chippenham.

Her dog, Bruce, suffered multiple injuries and was taken to a vet’s surgery but he was put down yesterday.

Mrs Wiltshire, who had lived in the Monkton Park area for more than 30 years, had walked the fields where she died daily with Bruce, whom she had for nine years.

She was known by the other dog walkers who walk on the fields including Corinna Clarke.

Mrs Clarke said: “She was lovely, very friendly and always liked to laugh and chat. Bruce was a lovely old dog. He’s an old boy and not a dog that chased wildlife. “We are all devastated. I hope people watch their surroundings even if they have a dog who never chases cattle.”

Chris and Doug Jones, of Riverside Drive, who have two boxer dogs, have known Mrs Wiltshire for at least 20 years.

Mrs Jones said: “Sandra visited the fields twice or sometimes three times a day. That’s the first serious incident there has been there. She was brave and not stupid. She was a wonderful person and everybody’s going to miss her.”

Mr Jones said: “I know it’s come out that the area is not an official footpath but all the years we have been here people have used it as a footpath and access for Chippenham Angling Club. People haven’t thought twice about it as there has never been a problem.”