The survivor of a recent cow attack has spoken of her horror after hearing of the death yesterday of dog walker Sandra Wiltshire.

Nurse Karen Herbert fractured her ribs and her shoulder blade after she was trampled by a cow on National Trust farmland several weeks ago.

At the time of the attack on the Cherhill Downs, Ms Herbert was walking across a field of cows on a public footpath with her dogs Tia and Taz.

She was airlifted to The First Great Western Hospital, Swindon, and is now recovering at home.

Ms Herbert, of Bryans Close, Calne, said she was shocked to hear of yesterday’s tragedy and her sympathies were with Mrs Wiltshire’s family.

She said: “I was devastated, it brought everything back to life. I thought actually that could have been me. I know what that poor woman went through, all of that anxiety and fear.

“I was absolutely mortified and really upset about it all, it must be awful for her family. I am just amazed there has been another incident so soon after mine.”

After Ms Herbert was injured the National Trust said the animal involved had been monitored and was not showing any behaviour that would cause concern.

Ms Herbert said she had been contacted by the Trust as well as Health and Safety, howerver, she said he was concerned the herd of cows is still in the same field.

She said: “I am so cross that particular herd is stil on the foot path.

“I won’t walk my dogs in a field where there is cows anymore. If I see a cow I shall turn round and I would advise anybody, whether they have a dog or not, just not to do it.”