Brave Chippenham residents took part in a fiery food contest, helping to raise £1,720 for the charity Scope.

Eighty-six people took part in the chilli burger challenge at the Gladstone Arms throughout September, with just ten succeeding.

The inspiration for the event came from two customers, John and Judy Steelyard, whose 15-year-old daughter Amy has cerebral palsy.

Diners had to eat a half-pound chilli burger made with the one of the world’s hottest chilli peppers, the Scotch Bonnet, as well as chilli fries and red pepper mayo, all within 30 minutes without the aid of a drink.

The challenge cost £10 to enter, which was donated to Scope if people were unsuccessful. The winners got their £10 back and The Gladstone Arms donated the money instead.

Winners had their photo displayed on a wall of fame, and were given a free beer and T-shirt, donated by Chippenham company Let’s Face it.

Landlord Leighton Davis said: “The support has been brilliant. It was certainly a challenge and I’m impressed that ten people managed it.”

The pub raised £860, matched by sponsors Specsavers, of Borough Parade. Stuart Anglin, from Specsavers, said: ‘We’re thrilled the challenge has raised so much money.”

To make a donation to Scope, call (01249) 463636.