CHILDREN enjoyed the fun of the farm at school yesterday as they celebrated with a harvest festival.

Goddard Park School Children’s Centre hosted the autumnal event and invited parents along to join in with their children.

Hedgehog bread and scarecrows were made in the morning.

And traditional harvest food, such as pumpkins were brought in.

The school also had a special guest, vicar Linda Fletcher, of St John’s Church, who joined in the activities with the children and parents.

Dianne Yohans, the senior early year education and day care co-ordinator, said: “The day has been really fantastic. We’ve had around 40 parents come in for the day which is great for us.

“It is important that they can come in and see what we are doing and spend time with their children.

“We feel it is important to bring everyone together with the parents working alongside the children.

“They all got involved in the activities and it went so well we had to extend it into the afternoon.

“We want to thank all the parents who came along who made the day really special.”