CHAIRMAN Neil Blackmore fears postponements could cause Chippenham Town to feel the pinch but insists that it’s too early for his club to have any financial headaches.

The Bluebirds have lost out on matchday revenue twice this week as both Tuesday night’s clash with Arlesey and last weekend’s game against St Neots fell foul of the recent torrential rain, with the Hardenhuish Park pitch waterlogged.

Home fixtures remain Chippenham’s primary means of generating funds but while Blackmore is hoping the Bluebirds can return to action as soon as possible, the chairman isn’t sweating over money troubles just yet.

“We are wary of the fact that we’ve just gone through a run of away games and when we play away from home, we don’t make any money,’’ said Blackmore.

“We were hoping to get some matches on at home but that hasn’t happened.”

“It is a shame but so far, we’ve only lost two home games, so it isn’t too much of a problem yet.

“What it really does is affect your cashflow, so to speak.

“We don’t budget an allowance for the weather and we really just deal with things as they happen.

“The club is a business and if it becomes a problem, then we’d look at things.

“The one thing about rearranged games is that when you have a match called off on a Saturday, it’s usually played again on a Tuesday, and the crowds aren’t as big as they would have been.

“I feel sorry for Mark (Collier, manager) and the players because no matter how much you train, you don’t get the same match sharpness.

“When games keep getting pushed back and back, then you can end up playing two or three times a week at the end of the season, but there’s nothing we can do about it all.”

Chippenham are due to host St Albans in the Southern League Premier Division tomorrow while in Division One South & West, Cirencester entertain Fleet.