COMPETITION for places will serve Swindon Wildcats well as they aim to build momentum heading towards the play-offs.

That is the opinion of captain Shane Moore who insists that a deep line-up has improved the Link Centre team and put them in great shape for the end-of-season showpiece.

Moore said: “In the past perhaps it was a given that we had set top-four D-men and two lines of forwards, but now no one’s spot is safe and ice time isn’t guaranteed.

“That’s one of those things that drive players forward to perform, which is a brilliant place to be ready for the play-offs.

“I think we’ve turned the corner now bringing in new players as we’ve added strength and depth to the squad and that’s really starting to show.

“It all comes down to the experience we’ve brought in with players like Lee Richardson, Aaron Nell and Jan Kostal, which has shown other players that they can’t take five minutes off.

“We’ve got a really deep line-up and everyone has to keep working.”

Ten points behind fourth-placed Milton Keynes, Swindon face an uphill task to reach their pre-season target but Moore still believes top four is possible.

“There’s 10 points up to the top four but that can be closed quite quickly,” said Moore.

“We’ve still got a couple of games against MK who have been a bit of a bogey team for us, but they have dropped points recently whereas we have been picking them up.

“The key thing for us right now is to keep this form going, heading into play-offs.

“Realistically the league is out of our hands but we can get ourselves a good spot ready for Coventry.

“If I was on another team I would be looking at Swindon and thinking what good players they have.”