NICK Morris has insisted there is no bad blood between him and Swindon Robins as he prepares to the return to the club following a winter of discontent.

The Australian was the first rider to agree a deal to ride for the Blunsdon club for 2014 but his unexpected release from Premier League Somerset threw all those plans into doubt, forcing him to go in search of deals elsewhere to ensure he was able to ride in both of Britain’s top two divisions.

Serious interest from Sheffield and Swindon’s Elite League rivals Leicester came to nothing, as did a potential return to Somerset after Jason Doyle was ruled out of the Rebels’ plans due to his ongoing visa issues, meaning Morris is stuck without a Premier League club and remains with the Robins.

The teenager admitted he was disappointed not to have earned a second tier ride and confirmed he had been looking elsewhere, but is now looking forward to getting back on the Blunsdon track and intends to once again live with Robins boss Alun Rossiter.

“I’m disappointed not to be in the Premier League for the start of the season but there’s not much I can do now and I have to look forward,” Morris told the Advertiser.

“It was really important to me to ride in both leagues because it gives you a lot more time on the bike, that’s the main thing, but now I have to do my best for Swindon and try and get a spot in the Premier League when one comes up.

“Financially it was important too because it’s always better to have two incomes which would have made things a lot easier.

“I never wanted to leave Swindon but I had to take a step back and work out what I wanted and needed to do, I tried to work something out the best I could but it ended up me having to leave the Premier League out.

“There were never any problems with me or the club but I had to check things out for my own good. I’m glad to be back there now.

“I took time to check everything out and have a look around at my options but there are no problems with Rosco or anything like that.

“It’s great living there because it’s close to the track and my workshop is just down the road.”

Morris is due to return to Britain to prepare for the new season later this month having spent the winter in Australia.