TROY Batchelor is convinced he would be able to ride now despite suffering a knee ligament injury just a few weeks ago but remains in no rush to get back on the back as the new season draws closer.

The Australian crashed out in the final of the second round his of his national championship in Undera on January 8, tearing the medial ligament in his left knee in the process, but was relieved to have been prescribed plenty of rest and relaxation rather than surgery having consulted with doctors Down Under.

The Robins skipper is now back in training as he prepares for the new year to kick-off at the end of March and is pleased with the progress he has made in just a few short weeks.

“I had a bit of physio back home before I left but this is one of those injuries where you need to do it on your own because there is no such thing as massages for it,” he said.

“You have to exercise every day to strengthen it up and I was back training last week for the first time since it happened. I cycle in the morning then go to the gym in the evening which is good.

“It always sucks when you are injured and having to start from square one again because where you could run six miles a day you now run three and feel knackered, but it was good to avoid surgery.

“It’s tough but I could ride now if I needed to, or even a couple of weeks ago, and it’s all fine.”

Despite believing he is fit enough to start the season today if needed, the former Australian champion is in no rush to get back on the bike with still over a month to go before the Robins’ opening meeting of 2014.

“I’m not in a rush to get back on the bike again and it’s the same story every year. There are loads of people rushing around practicing here there and everywhere but when it comes down to it when the tapes go up I only need one day back on the bike to be back where I was last season.

“You do what you feel you need to do because everyone’s different and I know I will be okay when March comes around.”