STEVE Worrall has focussed his attention firmly on making the most of his upcoming debut season in the Elite League, but not before enjoying an adrenaline-packed winter.

The new Robins reserve and his twin brother Richie returned from travelling across Thailand in January and while many holiday makers to the Far East spend their time sat on the beach, the twins were keen to replace the rush they enjoy between March and October while riding their bikes.

While in Asia the pair enjoyed activities such as bungee jumping and jet skiing but now their adventure is over they are both focussed on their day job.

“We had a great time and it was an amazing place,” he said. “Travelling and feeling free is great but we tried to do it on a budget because when speedway comes back around it can be very expensive.

“You kind of end up not sticking to it though and we ended up bungee jumping, jet skiing and go-karting and things like that. We’re not really ones to be sitting on the beach doing nothing and we have to do something.”

“We’re back in the workshop now getting things ready and we’ve done some practice too so we’re doing everything we can to be ready.

“I take an active role in building all the bikes myself and if you are paying someone to do a job for you that you can do yourself then you are wasting money really.

“That way I know everything is done the way I want it and if something goes wrong and you need to jump in and help then you know where everything is and what to do.

“I made some changes for the start of last season and everything went wrong, so I went back to what I knew and I’ve stuck with it.”

Worrall will partner Purton’s Darryl Ritchings at reserveafter Josh Bates was allowed to join home club Sheffield.