RYAN Aldridge has already started thinking about the Wildcats roster for next season and is keen to keep the bulk of his current side together.

The men from the Link Centre currently sit safely inside the English Premier League play-off zone but have been in impressive form in recent weeks after a mini-slump at one stage looked to be threatening their place in the post-season.

Cats head coach Aldridge has been impressed with what his side have managed to produce this season, which has convinced him to try and hold on to the bulk of his players for next season, but admitted they need to find more consistency.

“We are just so up and down and it’s all about us trying to find a way out of that,” he said.

“The mental side can just flip and that’s been us all year to be honest so we need to be careful, not just now but next season too because we will be looking to recruit a lot of our players back.

“Some of the games we have played this year have been really good this year and if we had played like we did on Saturday night (7-2 win over Telford) we would be sitting pretty about now.

“That’s the frustrating thing for us but we have a lot of young guys in the team and maybe we have to manage them in a slightly different way.

“We think about next year from now, really, but more so at the end of the season when you have more time to focus on things. In terms of returnees we want to get done soon before looking at the new guys after that.”

Meanwhile, Henri Sandvik is set to be available for Wildcats’ away double-header this weekend despite requiring medical treatment on Sunday night for a mouth injury suffered in the first period in Manchester.

“When we got back he returned to the hospital and, where the teeth are in your mouth, his visor went in and took a chunk out,” Aldridge said.

“It was a massive flap and you could see white stuff at the back but it seemed to heal itself overnight and was back in its perfect position.

“They were talking about surgically removing it or re-attaching it again but they think it’s going to be fine by itself so he will be available.”

Cats face away trips to Basingstoke and Milton Keynes this weekend.