HIGHWORTH Town boss John Fisher has said that professional footballers don’t realise how lucky they are.

Worthians’ manager and former Adver columnist Fisher has got a bee in his bonnet about players in the professional game struggling to play three games in a week. It is something Swansea City have found tough this season whilst balancing playing in the Europa League and the Premier League. Arsenal star Mesut Ozil was seemingly finding his workload difficut, going through a poor patch of form and being given a break by Arsene Wenger before his recent injury.

Undoubtedly Fisher’s stance is a reaction to the congested fixture schedule for his team and the others in the local non-league scene. Highworth will have played eight fixtures by the end of the month, while some such as Dave Webb’s Supermarine have played as many as 10.

Fisher was effusive in his stance that professionals have it easy compared to his players that often have work odd hours to fit in time for their footballing commitments.

“The pros moan about playing three games in a week, but the pros don’t realise how lucky they are,” fisher told the Advertiser.

“They don’t actually do anything in the day time, they don’t understand about what the amateurs have to do. They don’t realise about what these lads do and don’t understand. Our lads have come off shift to come and play and go back on shift, sometimes they’ll be on call, go off call to play and go straight back on again after.

“They don’t do anything in between their games, they’re’ not running up and down scaffolding and carrying tiles on their head like my lads are they?”

Highworth’s busy schedule continues tomorrow when his side take on Cheltenham Saracens at The Elms as they look to maintain their momentum from their 4-1 win at Abingdon Town last night.