PETER Kildemand has his eyes set on a Grand Prix place in the future but believes the European Championship may be a better option for him at this moment in time.

The Dane has made rapid strides in his three years with the Robins, rising from a reserve at the start of 2012 to the number one position for the beginning of the new campaign, and will now ride in the Polish top division for the first time in 2014 after earning a deal at Czestochowa.

The next step for Kildemand is to make his mark on the individual circuit, having made the Grand Prix Challenge at Poole last season, but rather than following Robins captain Troy Batchelor into the GP series for next year the 24-year-old believes the newly-expanded European Championship may be a better option.

“It’s good for the public around Swindon for us to have a GP racer and I think Troy will do really well,” he said.

“It want to do the qualifiers and get all the way to the GP Challenge again like I did last year in Poole but I think the European thing could be really interesting for me.

“I need to start riding in these individual events and that’s the next step for me to take. I seem to have a bit of stress when I ride in these individual rounds, like the Challenge. I struggle a bit because I seem to want to do it too much.

“Maybe if I could get in the European Championship that would be really good for me and then I will take it from there.”

Kildemand started his season off well with an impressive performance at Lakeside on Friday night for a score of 13+1, and the Dane knows he needs to stay at his best all year round to keep Batchelor from stealing his number one race jacket.

“If I could keep the number one race jacket all year then that would be good because that would mean I am doing really well,” he said.

“Troy is there and he will put some pressure on me so if I can stay at number one ahead of him it will be great.

“There are some young guys in the team too so for me it’s really important I help them out and progress.”