SWINDON Robins’ missed out on action at Belle Vue last night after their scheduled meeting in Manchester was postponed early yesterday morning.

The Aces’ Kirkmanshulme track was not fit to ride after a number of hours of consistent rainfall in Manchester, with the decision made slightly after 8am.

A future date is set to be announced in the near future, meaning the Robins will have the services of captain Troy Batchelor after the Aussie, along with Belle Vue number one Matej Zagar, were set to miss the meeting as due to the fact they were still travelling back from the New Zealand Grand Prix.

The early postponement meant Swindon number one Peter Kildemand and Aces guest Hans Andersen were not forced to travel from Denmark, but Robins rider Nicolai Klindt admitted rain-offs are always frustrating for riders.

“It is hard and frustrating because you book your flights and sort everything out,” he said. “Then it’s hard to fit another meeting into the calendar later in the year.

“It’s always good to have the meetings called off sooner rather than later but it is a little frustrating because I was in Poland for practice and if the meeting wasn’t on at all I could have stayed and come back on Wednesday.”

There is no change to the condition of injured Robins rider Darryl Ritchings, who remains sedated in hospital in Oxford following his track crash at Blunsdon on Thursday night.