AS a home team you should really have the track prepared for our liking but that wasn’t the case on Thursday.

We shouldn’t be turning up for a track walk at 6.30pm, walk around and have to complain about it. I’m speaking for everyone in the team here.

After press and practice we had a chat with Rosco and told him what to do with the track. For example the straight was bumpy from last season and into the first corner it was bumpy again with too much dirt which should have been moved into the corner and everyone wanted more grip from the start.

Everyone was told there would be a meeting with the track guy about this and he would get Ronnie to use the big blade they’ve got to sort it, but nothing looked to have been done and the track was still very slick from the start.

Coventry were faster out of the start every single time and from my own point of view, every time I dropped the clutch I was going more backward than forwards.

That’s not trying to find an excuse for not scoring points, because I didn’t ride very well either.

When you come to a meeting it should be prepared the for the home teams liking and must be the same every time. That's how you get a home advantage.

We’ve mentioned it and really hoped something would be sorted but it wasn’t.

When Peter Kildemand says the track is bad then you know it is because he can ride in any conditions at all.

I really want to wish Darryl all the best too because we are all thinking about him.

I didn’t see the crash but I know it was a bad one and we are all willing him to make a full recovery as soon as possible.