ON Friday we’re riding in the double-header against Poole Pirates.

I’ve only done it twice, with King’s Lynn against Peterborough and then against Coventry with Peterborough.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially if you have an early first meeting.

You’re not quite as awake as you normally are because your race mode is more in the afternoon or night - whether you’re riding abroad or in England. To race around 1pm is not the best thing but you’ve just got to focus on it being a normal meeting and don’t think about the time.

It’s going to be tough for me on Friday because I’m coming down from Wolverhampton to Poole and we’ve got to be there for nine or half nine and setting off at half five or six is really early to go to the meeting.

I haven’t ridden that early for many years.

I probably need to go to bed at seven the night before.

It will be stressful - not so much for us but for the mechanics because you never know if something is going to happen, if you blow up an engine, have a crash and you haven’t got time to change it.

The amount of hours between each meeting is very little so you need some extra equipment with you on the road to make sure you have the spares if needs be. I think it’s a really good thing to have in England.

You get the fans out with you in the morning and they travel with you to the home or away track at night. You find out who the best team is on the day.

It’s still exciting for the fans and they get two meetings within one day, which is perfect.

For me, as a speedway fan, I would love it if I had the chance to watch two meetings in one day.

I hope the Swindon fans will turn up in style down at Poole and support us all.

I think we’ve proved we’re a really strong team all the way through.

It was tough on Dan Greenwood in the first meeting and he told me he hadn’t been on a track as big as Swindon before.

It’s going to take him a little while to get used to it.

I thought him having a skid after the meeting was really positive because it shows that he really wants to do well and it’s a big jump for him, to go from National League straight to Elite League unprepared.

Stevie and Darryl have had all winter to get prepared for it but Dan has been thrown into it.

I’m sure with time he’ll come good and I know all the boys want to help him as much as they can.