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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Swindon Robins v Poole Pirates

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This Is Wiltshire: Photograph of the Author

Michael Reeves, Deputy sports editor

  • Poole win the Elite Shield 103-79 on aggregate.


Di kanny oh 11:37pm Fri 18 Apr 14
Roscoe needs to learn the tactics of speedway why go 10 points up against a team like Poole who have three or four riders that can win heats easily then play the black and white and get an 8-1. We went from 10 points up to 1 point down in just two heats. Tonight we started off with a well watered track with plenty of grip which favored the home side then never see the water again and as soon as it dried out it favored Poole who this morning doctored their own track to resemble something out of the Sahara desert with visibility almost impossible amongst the dust. If he wants to be England manager he seems to be making too many errors in my view and needs to get with it. Klindt and Gustaffson need to sort matters out quickly or ship out. Batch never team rode in heat 15 and just got his head down and actually got in the way of Kildemand who was desperately trying to hold off a very fast Pawlicki and had to admit defeat to the fast Poole rider loosing us the draw. I did think Roscoe picked the wrong team this season and should have gone with Doyle, Mads, Killer, Morris and one other which would be a far better team in my view. I still hate the new format and like many others am seriously considering keeping my money and stop going. I want to watch elite league racing and thus this season it is not so and more like a development league. Many I stand with feel the same.
Score: 1
bobbinalong 2:24pm Sat 19 Apr 14
Why did Rossiter allow Greenwood to take 4rides when Compton was a much better option. These are crucial decisions that make a difference which other Team Manger seem to make, but not Rossiter - why? The odd point here and there can make all the difference! We are weak at 2&4 there no 2 scores 24 pts over the 2meetings whereas our 2&4 score between them score only 17 combined. With having a poor no6 our Season looks to be heading in the wrong direction already! Also why was Pawlicki allowed to ride with the wrong coloured helmet in heat 8 - surely this must be against the rules? It would be useful if a simple copy of the rules be printed in the programme so us supporters could understand what they are!!
Score: 1

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