OUR victory over Dorset on Monday was a tremendous one and, I have to say, I’m really pleased with where we are at the moment.

Things seem to be coming together and the team, given that we’ve had a few changes, has gelled quite quickly already.

The performances in both of our warm-up games have been very good.

We’ve started off very well and there are a couple of lads in our team who have just give us that bit of strength in the middle order.

James Hayward adds a lot of experience and strength in that area and, while that’s not necessarily been reflected in his own scores, there are things he brings to our team that will only help us as we go along.

The fielding and experience that James has should stand us in very good stead.

The addition of Ed Young to our ranks this season is also proving a real bonus.

Ed has bowled and batted very well but, again, he’s got that experience of second team cricket with Gloucestershire which he can bring to bear for us.

There is also a bit of a fight for places in the opening bowling department.

Jake Roberts has come back to us a bit fitter and he’s showing up well, while Steve Warner may be missing out this weekend against Devon, but he also is a very good option for us.

There is a real fight for that slot with Tahir Afridi doing the honours for us at the other end.

We are also seeing Tom Foley and Neil Clark shining for us, but I always felt they would be there or thereabouts when it come to the one-day form of the game and they’ve performed really well.

There are all areas of the team we can point to and say that progress is being made and the first real test will be this Sunday against Devon, who generally put out a very strong one-day side.

We have a couple of players missing, but also Ed Kilbee back to really strengthen the batting.