SWINDON Muay Thai star Nathan Fisher won his third professional fight recently.

The Total Martial Arts professional clinched victory at the Gatecrasher nightclub in Birmingham on the Sunday Smash Up event.

Fisher’s success saw him extend his unbeaten record to three wins.

A large crowd was in attendance including many TMA students who made the trip up to Brimingham to lend their support.

Fisher’s opponent, known only as Greg, was from host club Black Widow, and put the Swindon fighter under pressure early in round one with some strong leg kicks.

The Swindon man responded by using his hands to good effect and finished the round with a solid knee strike using punches.

Fisher began the second round well, catching his opponent’s first kick and countering with a series of straight punches.

As the round progressed Fisher imposed himself on his rival using teeps to control the range of the fight, strong hand strikes and countering kicks.

Fisher came out the strongest in round three, using a knee to Greg’s mid-section.

After a scrappy exchange of punches, Fisher finished the round with some decent straight punches and teeps.

Fisher continued to control the fight in the fourth round, forcing his opponent into the corner.

A flurry of punches and knees did some damage to Greg before the pair were separated by the referee.

However, Fisher finished the round well again unloading successive punches, kicks and knees.

Ordered by his corner to control the final round, Fisher did exactly what he was told.

He continued to exploit his longer reach advantage and picked off the Black Widow fighter at well.

Greg refused to quit but Fisher eventually proved too classy for him and the Swindon man was a unanimous winner.