THERE’S been trouble overseas for Lechlade again this week, with the news a deal to bring a foreign player to the Manor Ground has fallen through for the second time this spring.

South African wicketkeeper-batsman Juanre van Wyk was due to meet up with his new teammates prior to their West of England Premier League Glos/Wilts Division clash with Gloucester City Winget tomorrow but has been denied a visa, leaving hard-working club officials scrambling to find a last-minute replacement.

It’s a case of lightning striking twice at the Riverside club, after former West Indian Test star Sylvester Joseph failed to get the relevant paperwork in order to facilitate his switch to the Gloucestershire outfit having agreed to join Lechlade for the season.

Club coach Luke Sellers told the Advertiser: “That’s two down and my understanding, only via text, is we’re trying to see what other options are available but it’s very late in the day now.

“That’s a blow, there’s no denying that. He looked like a very handy cricketer and was looking like a handful.”

Lechlade face an unknown quantity in Gloucester tomorrow, with Sellers saying: “It’s quite good in a way. If there were any problems like taking things lightly because you know the opposition then that is taken out of the equation.

“Historically we’ve not been great starters and we’re under no illusion we’ve got to hit the ground running otherwise we’ll come a cropper again.”